Last vacation day

Tomorrow, it's back to work, although I get to work remotely for a few days before being back in the office. So, the plan was to spend today completely relaxing, doing whatever I felt like doing.

Of course, then what I felt like doing was Debian work.

This sort of thing often happens to me, and I'm doing a lot of pondering of how to deal with it. On the one hand, I do enjoy working on code and accomplishing things, so when I have time to do whatever I want, that's a reasonable thing to do. On the other hand, I wonder if it adds to my overall stress to not be better at taking longer breaks or balancing that work with other things.

Adding to the complications, often the bit of work I'm doing isn't really something I want to do (like debugging html_reports this morning). Instead, what I want is the end result. So I'd enjoy reading more than the hours of debugging work, but the result of the debugging is neat and better than just having read.

It's surprisingly hard to figure out what I want to do, sometimes.

Anyway, I'm about half-caught-up with lintian now and have kicked off several things that will mean more lintian work in the future, which means that my grand plans to start reorganizing and rewriting chunks of it will probably wait again. And tomorrow, it's time to shift gears and go back to doing work-like stuff.

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