Debian Policy work

There. I declare myself caught up with Debian Policy work.

There are, of course, still tons of open proposals that need attention and it's going to take us quite some time to work through the backlog. But when I did the initial bug triage, I identified a set of proposals that had concrete wording and previous seconds that we could deal with first. I've now gone through all of those proposals, analyzed them, resurrected discussion, and in most cases proposed new patches. Now I can sit back for a while and wait for reactions, seconds, and suggestions.

Also today I decided to stop using arch like RCS and really try this distributed revision control thing. So now all of my queued pending patches are on arch branches. Annoyances so far: deleting branches in arch is obnoxious, unless I'm missing something, and getting a diff between branches requires far too much typing and produces a diff full of arch implementation crap I don't care about. But it works and takes much less disk space (particularly if I aggressively delete pristine trees.)

I have three bug fixes applied to my personal tree, one patch from Colin for man page internationalization that's waiting for a few more seconds, and nine other changes queued up waiting for review or to time out on people's chances to object.

But tomorrow is the last day of vacation, and I plan on not doing Policy work tomorrow. I may play video games. I may work on lintian, since the repository is back and there are a ton of straightforward changes queued up to handle.

Posted: 2008-01-01 23:16 — Why no comments?

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