lintian 1.23.40

Not done yet, and another release tomorrow. People keep finding additional bugs that are rather annoying and produce a lot of false positives. This time, I messed up precedence when merging the doc-base patch.

One more release is still needed to clean up more problems with desktop files for KDE. KDE apparently doesn't use the same desktop file standard as the rest of the world, so we need to add a few more exceptions. Bleh. I'm a little frustrated by the desktop file checks; I'd rather stick with the Debian menu in some respects, and I think the idea that there was a standard for them was actually rather oversold. Ah well. It's mostly that I had a scattered and somewhat frustrating day.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get back to writing and posting reviews, like I was intending to today.

Posted: 2007-12-08 23:27 — Why no comments?

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