lintian 1.23.39

Yeah, I'm going somewhat insane with the lintian releases this week.

I was going to wait for the previous version to propagate to testing, but there were enough annoying bugs (particularly around false positives on the new Section checks) that I felt like a new release was warranted. There was also a big patch sitting in the BTS for better doc-base checks.

Those are both taken care of, and in the process I reorganized how spelling checks are done (against a hard-coded table of common errors) and started spell-checking the latest changelog and NEWS.Debian entries. That closes a five-digit bug number! Rare that I get to do that. Ubuntu should also now no longer need a separate version of lintian.

Now, I still need to send the long-term architecture message to the mailing list so that people can vet it, but I plan on waiting to do more work for a while. I should spend some time on Policy instead.

Posted: 2007-12-07 22:44 — Why no comments?

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