mdfrm-utf8 1.0

This is the result of the work that I did late last week. I finally finished putting it together in a releasable form, which mostly involved updating my web pages. And fixing a cvs2xhtml problem in the process, of course, since one always has to do one more thing.

mdfrm-utf8 is now the supported version of mdfrm; the old version, which assumes ISO 8859-15 and can't deal with internationalization at all, has now been retired and probably won't see another release. I did release one more version with documentation updates to mention that.

mdfrm-utf8 requires a new Perl and assumes a UTF-8 locale, which should be true by default of all current Linux distributions and I would hope other variations of Unix at this point. There are still some configuration options that I want to address and some weirdness around character set guessing, but I'm quite happy with it.

You can get the first release from the mdfrm distribution page.

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