Switching back to Emacs

Let's see if blog posting works.

After watching the direction and velocity of development for a while, I've decided to switch back to Emacs from XEmacs. At the time that I went with XEmacs, many years ago, it was under far more active development and had a lot of features that Emacs just didn't (particularly around colorization, Unicode support, and many supported Lisp library extensions). Now, however, XEmacs development appears to be essentially dead, Emacs development is more alive (and just released a new major version), and all the things that XEmacs had Emacs seems to now have.

I've spent the evening tweaking my configuration for the switch, and in the process doing a few other configuration changes I've wanted to do for a while (switching from Mailcrypt to PGG and from inline PGP signatures to PGP/MIME, switching away from Supercite and my hacked functions to the built-in Gnus citation engine). So far, so good. I like the small bar down the left side that Emacs uses for additional status information.

There are two things I'm currently missing. First, the Emacs cut buffer support in X appears to be broken entirely. I'm not sure what's going on with that; hopefully I can find a fix, since otherwise it's going to get quite annoying. Second, I liked XEmacs's habit of making the cursor smaller when at the end of a line, which I found quite handy. Emacs doesn't appear to support that, but I'll probably instead enable the trailing whitespace highlighting.

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