Slow day

I just could not get myself going today. Very frustrating, particularly since the rest of my week contains tons of meetings, and today was my big chance to get a bunch of work done. (That, of course, is probably exactly why I couldn't get myself going. After lots and lots of interaction last week and being in meetings essentially all day Monday and Tuesday, I was overdue for a crash, even with all the sleep I got last weekend.)

I did manage to pry out of the day completion of the packaging for our kadmin remctl backend and installation of the new packages in our test environment, so now I've cleared all the dependencies for more intensive testing (other than one bug in the AFS synchronization code I need to find).

Other than that, I got nothing. Hopefully that means I'm now nicely rested and ready to go for the rest of the week. Only a week and a half now and then I'm off for a week on vacation.

Posted: 2007-03-21 23:54 — Why no comments?

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