Latest haul

The Powell's order that I waited to the end of February has now all come in except for one book. Now I should probably wait until the end of April or May, when some other new books will be out, to place another order.

David Allen -- Ready for Anything (non-fiction)
John Berendt -- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (non-fiction)
Stanislaw Lem -- Microworlds (non-fiction)
Holly Phillips -- In the Palace of Repose (sff)
Rebecca Ore -- Time's Child (sff)
Adrienne Rich -- Diving into the Wreck (poetry)
Karl Schroeder -- Sun of Suns (sff)
Robert C. Solomon & Fernando Flores -- Building Trust (non-fiction)
Peter Watts -- Blindsight (sff)

I already had an ARC of Sun of Suns, but I like to support the authors I like.

Building Trust came coated with various price stickers and used stickers, covering half the back of the book and part of the spine, all of which had horrible glue and all of which ripped off and left the glue behind. I spent an hour and a half trying to clean the book. It makes me absolutely furious when people do that to books. I suppose that serves me right for saving a buck and buying a used copy.

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