Used bookstore haul

This was some time ago, but I hadn't gotten around to typing it up. I finally dropped off the two large bags of duplicates, books that I really will never look at again, and similar extras at the used bookstore and came away with quite an impressive pile of credit plus some more books. And then have gotten a couple others since from other sources.

Hal Duncan -- Ink (sff)
Alexander C. Irvine -- A Scattering of Jades (sff)
Gabriel King -- The Golden Cat (sff)
James Morrow -- Only Begotten Daughter (sff)
Rebecca Ore -- Human to Human (sff)
Paul Park -- A Princess of Roumania (sff)
Anne Tyler -- Morgan's Passing (mainstream)
Jack Vance -- The Green Pearl (sff)
Stanley G. Weinbaum -- The Black Flame (sff)

The Tyler I got from my mother, and Ink is the harbinger of a much larger Powell's order that's still making its way to me.

All of these, except Ink, are fairly low on the reading list at the moment. Human to Human is a further step in getting a complete trilogy before starting it (and I have other Ore that I want to read first). Vance, likewise, is working towards having all of a trilogy on hand. The Irvine is in large part because I have yet to review a book by an author who's last name starts with I, although I do have one other candidate for that.

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