Anti-Disney haul

I expect I'll get into this more when I write reviews, but I've recently been putting a finger on exactly why Disney annoys me so much despite (or perhaps because of) the company's ability to generate cute and inoffensive stories. This order was primarily to acquire the original treatments of works that have been distorted or overwritten by the Disney treatment.

J.M. Barrie -- Peter Pan (children's)
Elizabeth Bear -- Blood and Iron (sff)
Barry Lopez -- Resistance (mainstream)
Sarah Monette -- Mélusine (sff)
Dodie Smith -- The 101 Dalmatians (children's)
Dodie Smith -- Starlight Barking (children's)

I have another book already finished and ready to review and am nearly done with Delany's About Writing. I'll probably start something new tonight.

Posted: 2006-07-21 22:06 — Why no comments?

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