Now with series information

Well, I didn't get done many other things that, in an ideal world, I should have done today, but I did cross one very long-term project off my to-do list. The index of my book reviews now contains series information, and it doesn't even seem to look too hideous or cluttered.

There are several bits left to do on this project; I'm not completely finished. I have to update the software I use to build the structure around reviews to cope with having series information and adding it in correctly when I write a new one. Not horribly difficult, but probably an hour or two of programming. I then want to go through all of the individual reviews themselves, make sure that the sidebar review information says something useful, and add notes to the end of the review about which book comes next in the series. That will take a while, but it's a good thing to do while I'm otherwise brain-dead.

I'm probably also at the point where I need to break up the main page into separate indexes, probably one per first letter of last name for SF authors and one index page for each of the other types of books. But I'll want to keep one unified index as well, for those that want it. That's a bit farther down the road.

I also switched things around so that the books outside of series were listed before the books in series, since that looked better with the series information. I haven't yet done the same thing in the rating index and probably should for meaningless consistency.

Hopefully, the whole thing doesn't look too hideous on anyone's browser. Tomorrow, another actual review, assuming work doesn't eat my brain.

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