Used bookstore haul

I swung by the used bookstore in Roseville today since I'm here on vacation and gave it a pass the last time I was down. It's gotten quite packed with books, enough that it's a little annoying to look for things, but I still managed to find an eclectic mix of stuff to buy.

Marion Zimmer Bradley -- The Mists of Avalon (sff)
Steven Brust -- Five Hundred Years After (sff)
Steven Brust -- Taltos (sff)
Bill Bryson -- Notes from a Small Island (nf)
Algis Budrys -- Hard Landing (sff)
Octavia Butler -- Clay's Ark (sff)
M. John Harrison -- The Centauri Device (sff)
Charlaine Harris -- Dead Until Dark (sff)
Joseph Heller -- Catch-22 (mainstream)
Christopher Hinz -- Ash-Ock (sff)
Aldous Huxley -- Brave New World (sff/mainstream)
Tanith Lee -- The Silver Metal Lover (sff)
James H. Schmitz -- The Hub: Dangerous Territory (sff)
Rex Stout -- And Be a Villain (mystery)
Roger Zelazny (ed.) -- Forever After (sff anthology)

Most of this won't be near the top of the reading pile, but will instead go into the stacks for later reading on a whim.

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