More PAM progress

I think I'm done with all of the code modifications I wanted to make to the Kerberos PAM module, and I've written the new README file. I now need to rewrite the man page and then do some fairly extensive testing to ensure that I didn't break anything and that the new option reading code will work.

The parts that are left are the most annoying parts, since writing documentation and doing testing is always rather tedious, but when I get this done I will be able to cross something major off my to-do list. It's an odd thing to be working on during vacation, perhaps, but I was really enjoying working on this before vacation and now I want to finish it.

Even still, though, I may take more time to read tomorrow and spend less time working on it. Today I wanted to be in front of the computer anyway, so it was easy to work on it in the background.

Posted: 2006-07-03 23:00 — Why no comments?

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