Back from vacation

I got back to Stanford a little after 5pm today after getting up at 7:30am to get ready to catch the plane. Of that time, only about three hours was spent actually in motion (walking around airports left uncounted). On one hand, it's really nice to be able to get places so quickly. On the other hand, the amount of waiting involved really is rather silly.

Ah well, it means that I'm nearly halfway through A Game of Thrones, having decided to finally start in on the George R.R. Martin that so many people rave about.

Tomorrow, I need to do various domestic chores (grocery shopping, laundry, that sort of thing) and then try to figure out what work I need to do this week and start filling out the to-do items. I really did turn off work almost completely with this vacation, so I have a bit of ramping up to do (although I did stay caught up with e-mail).

There's so much else going on right now that I'm also going to start this week being more aggressive about dividing work and non-work time and trying a few tricks to get more time to work on non-work projects without always cutting into my weekend. That also means finding a better way of handling non-work to-do items.

But that's for tomorrow. Right now, it's off to bed to read a little more and then sleep.

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