Well, I'm not going to be ready for this vacation to end, particularly given how much stuff is going to be waiting for me when I get back. Oh well, the first thing I'll focus on is scheduling and prioritization and making sure that I have time to do other things than work and am not working the hours I was right before I went on vacation.

Most of the things I thought I might do during the vacation didn't happen, but that's okay. It's vacation; it doesn't have plans or to-do lists. The real reading vacation will happen this fall, although I have been reading off and on, finishing one book and starting another. There has been lots of good company, a lot of walking, and rather cute cats.

I love Vancouver Island. It's not quite the Oregon coast, but it rates high in the list of places that I'd love to live if I could live anywhere and weren't rather attached to where I already live.

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