WebAuth web pages

Today was spent improving the WebAuth web pages rather than getting anything else done (although I did poke at the gnubg problems on hppa and m68k enough to track down the problem and the necessary bits to fix it are now in progress).

Anyway, the WebAuth pages now have an additional FAQ entry about the segfault problems that people run into most, a bit more cleanup, a long new page on the major features and a comparison to other web authentication systems, and less old cruft. They'll probably become the main WebAuth pages shortly, retiring the old v2 cruft.

Not much else done. Still behind in e-mail, still behind on some other projects, and still behind on writing reviews, but not critically so in any department. I also got a few new books tonight. What I'm doing this weekend is still up in the air; I figure I'll just play it by ear.

Posted: 2006-03-03 23:47 — Why no comments?

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