Debian day

Today ended up being a day for working on Debian packages.

A new upload of gnubg is now sitting in Incoming. It disables Guile on AMD64 in the hope of getting rid of the segfault. It's not really what I want to do, but it seems to be the best option. I also got it to build against the current libart and submitted the bug against to remove gnubg-bearoffs, so soon hopefully it will be error-free and ready to go into testing.

I also figured out that the ftgl build failure on m68k appears related to the buildd and not the package, so that was good.

Then I started working on libpam-krb5 bugs and found out that its segfault is actually due to a bug in libkrb53. That's been fixed and submitted to the upstream RT. In tracking that down, I ended up building a separate debugging package for the Kerberos libraries, and I think I'm going to make that a standard part of the build if Sam agrees.

Of course, then, in testing the debugging package build, I ran into the long-standing lintian bug that causes it to error out on debugging data packages. So I went ahead and fixed that and proposed a patch; hopefully someone will get a chance to look that patch over soon so that I can commit it.

And then I started doing other lintian work rather than going back to working on libpam-krb5. *heh*. That's always how it goes. But I got a lot done.

I'm having some concentration problems right now (too easily distracted), so I'm letting things flow as they come to me and not worrying too much about prioritizing things right now. Whatever I feel like I can get momentum on, I'm doing. So I'm not catching up in any sort of organized fashion, but I am feeling more productive.

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