Web page fiddling

Tonight, I started fiddling around with the layout of my software pages a bit. The top-level index has been getting rather long, and given that I have another twenty-odd software packages that need to get added to it over time, at some point I'm was going to need to try to make it shorter.

I've now rewritten the software index to use tables and single-line descriptions, which I think I like better. I'm still not completely happy with the way that the page looks, but I'm not sure that anything will be much better, and at least it's consistent with my other pages. I also tweaked the front page of my web site a little bit (likely too subtlely for anyone to notice), and I've been slowly working on remedying the fact that many of my software pages are missing introductory quotes. Three down, lots and lots to go.

This was a wonderful, marvellously productive week at work. I need more weeks like this. The only drawback was very, very little time for my own projects and volunteer work, but I have a nice, long vacation coming up.

Posted: 2004-12-10 23:36 — Why no comments?

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