Gang aft agley

I don't know how the mice did today, but I certainly got nothing done that I was scheming. I did get a few more quotes added to some of my software pages, which is good but done at a whim, and other than that I pretty much zoned in front of the TV or read.

I have The Farthest Shore to write a review of still, and didn't get to that. I was going to play video games and didn't get to that either (although that meant that I got to watch curling on TV, rather a rarety around here). I was going to get some other things done, and basically got nothing done.

Oh well, vacation soon. And since I have this strong urge to curl up with a book lately, I expect vacaction will be heavily concerned with such pursuits.

Posted: 2004-12-11 23:16 — Why no comments?

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