Added Aurora awards

I've added the Prix Aurora Award for best long form in English to my SFF awards pages on my review site. This brings the total number of awards that I'm tracking to 12, and seems to pretty much exhaust the awards that I might personally be interested in except maybe the Australian awards.

The Prix Aurora is for the best work of the year written by a Canadian author and published in Canada. Since several of my favorite SFF authors are Canadian (particularly Guy Gavriel Kay and Charles de Lint), this turns out to be pretty good for finding good books. I'd already read four and reviewed two of the winners, which is quite a bit better than the World Fantasy or Mythopoetic awards.

Unlike the other awards except the British Fantasy award (which had rather too much Stephen King), I'm not planning on adding all the Aurora winners to my want list and tracking them all down. Among other reasons, I just don't like Robert Sawyer that much, based on what I've read of him so far. But I do already own three of the other winners, including Blind Lake which won this year, and will probably end up acquiring the Gibson books and the one Charles de Lint.

Posted: 2004-11-30 22:42 — Why no comments?

i have many more fine canadian authors to which to introduce you. :) robert sawyer can eat his heart out!

Posted by piranha at 2004-12-01 00:12

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