Skeptically Yours

Author: Gary W. Olson



"You must tell me the truth!" Paranoia shrieked.

"Alright, I believe you," Faith said. "We are government agents, sent here to infiltrate your base and apprehend your master."

"Lies!" Paranoia shrieked. "This is all part of your evil conspiracy! You're really just lowly crewmen with delusions of grandeur! Well, it won't work! I'm on to you!" Paranoia continued to babble in such a manner as he darted inconspicuously into the ship. The three heaved a sigh of relief.

"That was close," Liz said. "Faith, how did you know that that strategy would work?"

"What strategy?" Faith replied. "He said I must tell him the truth and I did." Liz replied by slapping her hand against her forehead in her now-patented 'Why me?' pose.

Episodes: 5 (June 1990)

Major Characters:

Faith and Healer, vacationing in Florida, are accosted by Doubt, a henchman of the Skeptic's who turns out to be Manny Second's brother, Eivandt. Further investigation leads the reality-altering duo to investigate a flat, uninteresting island (named Flat, Uninteresting Island) in search of Faith's nemesis, The Skeptic. But, even with the assistance of the superteam known as Solutions?, can they hope to thwart the Skeptic's fiendish plan for world dominiation?

This limited series proved to be fun for Gary to write, and introduced two characters who would go on to greater things: Doubt (who would eventually join CalForce) and Paranoia, whose experiences in the TransDemesne would later become of interest to Radian & Shadebeam.

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