RACC Presents #4 - Available Openings

This page was last updated on 2/1/98.

The following is a brief list of what imprints are appearing in RACC Presents #4. If an imprint is listed here, it is not available for use for this issue, and any requests for it will be denied.

The name in parentheses is that of the writer who reserved the slot.

Actual stories should be sent to me no later than February 8, 1997. This way, I'll have plenty of time to get the editing done without delaying the issue any more than necessary. This is especially important for this issue, as I'd like to be able to post it on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14).

Submissions for RACC Presents #5 will be accepted no sooner than one week after RACC Presents #4 has been posted, so as to keep me from drowning in submissions. If, however, you have a good reason (such as being out of town when the "doors" open), then by all means, please drop me a line.

Mike Escutia / The Eyrie / ergh@eyrie.org
Last updated 2/1/98.