An anthology that celebrates the diversity and creativity
found on rec.arts.comics.creative.

Welcome to the official (as we can get) RACC Presents homepage!

RACC Presents is an anthology that celebrates the diversity and creativity found on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.comics.creative. Unlike previous anthologies which have been for only single imprints, RACC Presents does not discriminate against any imprints, as long as they are appropriate to RACC.

Please read this important announcement concerning the future of RACC Presents.

Let's Have Those Stories:

RACC Presents #1
Stories by Toni Pi, Davey Jones, Dave Van Domelen, Jeff McCoskey, Paul Wu, K. M. Wilcox, Stephen Reid, and Mike Escutia.

RACC Presents #2
Stories by Ben Rawluk, Tom Russell, Byron Molix, Jesse Willey, Mike Friedman, Aaron Veenstra, and Matt Rossi.

RACC Presents #3
Stories by Andrew Barnett, Ted Brock, Dave Van Domelen, K. M. Wilcox, and Stephen Reid.

RACC Presents #4
Stories by Marc Singer, Andrew Barnett, Dave Van Domelen, and Peter Milan.

RACC Presents #5 (.TXT file)
Stories by Ben Rawluk, Ted Brock, Chris Gumprich, Dave Van Domelen, and Matt Rossi.

And For Your Infotainment:

The RACC Presents Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you wanted to know about RP, and more. Last updated when I first put it online.

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