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CYBERKNIGHTS: What happens when already powerful mutants are enhanced by cybernetic means? This team of cybernetic warriors has banded together to fight crime and prevent the prejudices against the mutant population.
First appearance: Cyberknights, Vol. 1, #1 by Icon Comics

HELLISH: When Simon Allester was killed, all he wanted to do was be with his wife, in fact, he was willing to do anything to do that, even deal with the devil, which he did. Unfortunately, the devil had his own plans for Simon, and now Simon has limited power and has returned six years later, his wife remarried and his face unrecognizeable, to his home town. What else can happen to him?
First appearance: Hellish #1 by Icon Comics

NIGHTFALCON: When a D.A. gets upset with how the system works, how does he react? He dresses in a suit of armor and goes around breaking criminals' backs to make sure they suffer for their crimes.
First appearance: Bloodyouth #2 (in preview)/Nightfalcon #1 (full) by Icon Comics

RAMNA: A young boy has fallen into a cursed lake, and now turns into a girl when exposed to cold water, and back when exposed to hot water. This is really messing up his engagement to a girl who doesn't even like him. A very popular Japanese manga comic.
First appearance: Ramna 2/3, Part I, #1 by Vizion Comics

THE RAVEN: When a young man and his fiance were killed by junkies, the man, Rick Craven, returned from the grave to avenge himself and his fiance, in a violent, bloody story written and drawn by James O'Barr.
First appearance: The Raven #1 by Everything But The... Press

THE VICIOUS REPTILE: A man was found in a burning parking lot, with no memory of his past. The man had green skin and a fin across his head, along with incredible strength. He soon joined the Chicago Police Force to fight the growing metahuman criminals.
First appearance: The Vicious Reptile #1 by Icon Comics

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