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|  |\  \_______/  / |  O  || |\/| || | |___ \__ \/  /
 \  \\___________/   \___/ |_|  |_||_|\____||___/   /  /
  \  \ /  /
\  \_________________________________________________________/  /


ARACHNID: When young Parker Peters was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the proportional strength and agility of a spider. When he shunned responsibility allowing his aunt to be killed, he realized that he had been given these powers for a reason and now fights crime on the streets of New York City.
First appearance: Amazing Fantasies #15

ARCANGLE: Once a member of the original Z-Men with birdlike wings, Darian D. Durlington IV now has been altered by Armageddon into the perfect killing machine with razor-sharp wings.
First appearance: (as Wingman) Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1, (as Arcangle) Z-Factor #24

ARMAGEDDON: Stating to be the first ever mutant, Armageddon feels it is his task to improve mutant gene strains and rid the world of normal humans. Adding this insane desire to his shape-changing abilities, and Armageddon has proven himself a powerful foe.
First appearance: Z-Factor #5

BLOWTORCH: Joseph Raine participated in a secret testing of an interstellar craft designed by a close friend, Richard Reed. Unfortunately, Joe absorbed cosmic radiation which caused him to burst into flames. Learning to control these fires, he and the other three passengers formed the Quintessential Quartet to fight crime.
First appearance: The Quintessential Quartet #1

BULK: When Dr. Arnold Bannings was caught in a radioactive blast trying to save a young teenager, he transformed into a mighty red-skinned behemoth. For years, he wandered the country looking for ways to cure his condition, but recent events have caused a merging between Dr. Banning's mind and the Bulk's body.
First appearance: The Improbable Bulk #1

CAPTAIN PATRIOT: During World War II, young and skinny Samuel Roberts was given an experimental formula which turned him into a perfect physical specimen. Armed with his shield and sense of patriotic duty, Captain Patriot helped turn the tides on the war and bring victory to the U.S. and the Allies. The Captain disappeared after the War, only to be found later, joining the Revengers soon afterwards.
First appearance: Captain Patriot Comics #1, returned in Revengers #3

CLAWSTER: Little is known about this small mutant. What is known is that he has animalistic senses, heals fast, and has two titanium claws which exit specially made spots behind his wrists.
First appearance: The Improbable Bulk #181

CLOUDBURST: This mutant from Africa is a member of the second generation of Professor Z's Z-Men, and has been designated as their leader. Ururu Monrue has the power to control the weather.
First appearance: Huge-Sized Z-Men #1

CREATURE: Despite his high intelligence, Ronald "Ronnie" McKay's beastial appearance made him an outcast among his peers. Joining Professor Z's Z-Men, Ronnie feels he is able to help diminish the fears and hatred between humans and mutants by using his powers and intelligence to help others.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

CORD: Cyclon's daughter who was transported to the future to save her life. In order to do so, she was implanted with various cybernetics, which only add to her high-tech arsenal and her mild psionic powers.
First appearance: (as baby) The Unnatural Z-Men #201, (as adult) Young Misfits #87

CYCLON: Mutant leader of the Z-Men with the ability to fire laser blasts from his hand. Cyclon is unable to control his powers and must wear a special device which prevents him from firing his blasts whenever his hands are exposed to air.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

ELECTROMAG: Once an ally of Professor Z's, Electromag tries to unite all mutants by conquering the normal humans. Electromag has absolutecontrol over all forms of magnetism and is potentially one of the most powerful mutants alive.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

FIREBIRD: Mutant gifted with the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, Jen Brown joined Professor Z's Z-Men. Since then, she was presumed died, reborn as a cosmic entity, and revived as herself, eventually marrying Carl Winters, a.k.a. Cyclon.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

FURBALL: Curt Vagner's demonic appearance covers the true nature of a swashbuckler underneath. Curt also has the ability to teleport over great distances and stick to walls.
First appearance: Huge-Sized Z-Men #1

ICEMACHINE: The youngest of the original Z-Men, Robin Gander possesses almost absolute control over his cold-generating powers. Robin is a wise-cracker by nature, which often gets him in trouble with his teammates.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

MISTER DEVIOUS: The mysterious Mr. Devious was the orphanage manager for Cyclon, during his childhood. His ultimate purpose is unclear as are the nature of his abilities. Devious is known for his cloning techniques and his ability to constantly return from the grave to terrorize the Z-Men yet another time.
First appearance: The Unnatural Z-Men #221

MISTER QUINTESSENTIAL: Richard Reed used his brilliant mind to create and build a spacecraft for interstellar flight. Unfortunately, it was not correctly shielded, and the cosmic rays gave him the ability to stretch his body into all sorts of unusual proportions. He is now married to one of the other QQ members, Sally Raine Reed.
First appearance: The Quintessential Quartet #1

MONSTER: Bobby Morose was the pilot for an experimental spacecraft, designed by his best friend, Richard Reed. When the craft entered outer space, however, Bobby absorbed cosmic radiation which transformed him into a hideous creature with enormous strength. Despite his reservations, he helped found the Quintessential Quartet.
First appearance: The Quintessential Quartet #1

MUSCLE MAN: This wisecracking member of the new Z-Factor is none other than the former bodyguard for the intergalactic rock star Lola Shaney. Antonio Corasello can absorb kinetic energy and use it to augment his already impressive strength.
First appearance: Young Misfits Annual #1

PROFESSOR Z: When Carleton X. Zavier realized he was a mutant with incredible telepathic powers, he began to take an active affair in the hostilities between the human and mutant population. In order to increase public relations, he founded the Z-Men, a band of mutants with incredible powers to combat crime.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

QUINTESSENTIAL QUARTET: When Richard Reed, Bobby Morose, and Joe and Sally Raine took an experimental spacecraft up, they were exposed to cosmic rays which gave them unusual powers. Choosing to use their new abilities to fight crime, they founded the Quintessential Quartet.
First appearance: The Quintessential Quartet #1

ROOK: Time traveller from the future, Rook came back in time following the trails of several mutant criminals. Claiming one of the Z-Men will betray their own, Rook is always on the watch with his energy absorption and redirection powers along with his plasma rifle.
First appearance: The Unnatural Z-Men #281

ROUGE: While she's beautifull in many ways, this Southern gal could knock your socks off as well as your powers. Little is known about her past, and so far she's kept it that way.
First appearance: Revengers Annual #10

SEE-THRU WOMAN: When Sally Raine flew in the experimental spacecraft designed by Richard Reed, she absorbed cosmic radiation, which gave her the ability to become completely invisible. Formerly called the See-Thru Girl, she has since married Richard Reed and is an active member of the Quintessential Quartet.
First appearance: The Quintessential Quartet #1

STEEL MAN: Millionaire industrialist Timmy Starch created a suit of armor to help sustain his life, but now uses a much-improved version to fight super-villains and super-technological threats as Steel Man.
First appearance: Stories of Dilemma #39


Z-MEN: A group of mutant humans banded together by the telepathic Professor Z to try and create harmony between the human and mutant population.
First appearance: Z-Men, Vol. 1, #1

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