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BATTERY ARMOR Mark IIb (Electromagnetically-Guided Powered Exoskeleton)

Jacob Chevalier, Designer and Engineer
Constructed in Overtech Warehouse #7 January 10th, 1997
Providence, Rhode Island

Design Notes:

Both the Battery armor and the Rewire armor based on a similar design are constructed of hyperdense Titanium/Vanadium Steel, sandwiched three hundred layers with Molybendum/Tungsten Steel reinforcement. The material's texsile strength is magnified 300x by use of the DeLeon Hyperdensity Protocol (Atomic space has been compressed within the metal itself by manipulation of the electron valence bonds.) and a Transmat Lathe. The Battey armor is powered by the wearer's own Electrokinesis and Photokinesis (I convert sunlight into electrical energy within my own body) while the Rewire armor uses an added layer of red- gold photon absorption layering to channel energy to a special capacitor based on Wrexxakt/Shivatech. Both armors use magnetic fields to simulate enhance Omega strength, flight, and resistance to injury via a force field (CV: Omega Genetics and Biology, Dr. E.M. Anderson; Omega Physics Report, Dr. Don Riley and Dr. Stephen Hawking) with a theortetically limitless ceiling: in practice, the armors are limited by the amount of power available to be diverted to the mag-fields. The Battery armor has, as of November 4th, 1997, lifted an eight-five ton crane with the fields. The weapon pictured in the illustration is a special modification of a Dynamax DX-11 Multiphase Attack System (Five prototypes were in development at Dynamax before the Fort Deliverance incident: at present, Tristan Armaments markets a weapon based on this weapon as the Tristan T-300 Pulse Cannon.) that is capable of laser, plasma, gauss shell and nonlethal electrical taser attacks. The taser and gauss shell capacities are unique to this weapon.

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