NAME: Retcon Lad

ALTER EGO: Joseph 'Joe' Forsythe


CREATED BY: Saxon Brenton


POWERS: Retconning powers of unspecified magnitude, includes reflexive self- resurrection

PERSONALITY: Usually fun-loving, irreverent, and a bit fanboyish. Retcon Lad has a tendency to get so wrapped up in an idea that his line of thought may go off on a tangent, such that he has to be reminded what the main point of the discussion is. He occasionally lapses into black moods due to angst energy from Nicieza's Sledgehammer Of Angst(tm) leftover from his origin as a fanfic character on rec.arts.comics.xbooks, but he fighting this influence.

HISTORY: As a preadolescent on rec.arts.comics.xbooks Joe was heavily involved in fandom. When his mutant retconning abilities emerged he found to his horror that reality was reconfiguring itself to match his musings. Despite the efforts of a certain school for gifted youngsters, he fell into a catatonic depression and reflexively retconned himself from his original newsgroup into alt.comics.lnh. In his new history he became the cousin of Limp-Asparagus Lad, and aged 5 years. Although he became enamoured with another net.hero, Fourth Wall Lass, Joe refused to become a member of the LNH due to subconscious remembrances of his past on r.a.c.xbooks. However, when his true past became apparent (in Limp-Asparagus Lad #5) he threw up his hands and gave in.

APPEARANCE: Wears a brown and tan jumpsuit with a brown bandanna mask. Shoulder length brown hair.

STATUS: Part time member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but useable with permission


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