NAME: Polybag Person

ALTER EGO: Marvin Mylar

ALIASES: Mylar Man


PRIMARY WRITER: Drizzt, Tom Russell

POWERS: Responsible for polybags around "collectible" comics. Unknown if this is a "natural" ability or produced by a device.

PERSONALITY: Nerdy, but tries to be imposing. Comes across as an incompetent.

HISTORY: Polybag Person was once known as Mylar Man and attempted to have a career as a hero. However, he was mistaken as a villain; upon learning that he couldn't get a dental plan under net.hero insurance policies, he turned to a life of crime and joined the Brotherhood. He later evaded capture after a humiliating defeat when Spite Grrrl left him to the police.

APPEARANCE: Kooky-looking. Wears thick glasses. Costume looks like it was made from painted garbage bags. Wears a cape that usually trips him up.

STATUS: Former member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, member of Teenfactor

RESERVED?: Yes, by Tom Russell


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