NAME: Spite Grrrl

ALTER EGO: Not revealed

ALIASES: Spitey; G

CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Nigh-invulnerable to physical attacks

PERSONALITY: Spite Grrrl is very pissed at the world in general and gets lots of enjoyment from destroying things. Nobody really knows why she is so angry, but she is. However, she is very loyal to people that she considers friends, and has begun to loosen up a bit since joining the LNH. Of course, she almost always wants her way, and gets very mad if she does not get it. It is important to know Spite Grrrl is *not* what many would consider to be a "feminazi".

HISTORY: Spite Grrrl came to Net.ropolis with her companion Trux, to capture the menacing Happy Pig Boy, who had just succeeded in causing a huge stir in Spite Grrrl's home town of Net.lanta. Upon arrival to the LNH HQ, however, almost all of the net.heroes were out saving the city from destruction (see DD&VG #38-40). Only Nit-Pick Lad and Netiquette Lad were available to help. The four managed to defeat the villain, but not before destroying a good chunk of the city in the process, and with Happy Pig Boy managing to get away. So, Spite Grrrl decided to join the LNH, and managed to get defeated by Polybag Person in her first mission (see CRIMES OF THE BROTHERHOOD). Afterwards, Spite Grrrl, Trux, and Nit-Pick Lad got sucked across the universe by a woman known as Liquid Tide to help save her homeworld of Rust. They eventually did so, and soon arrived back on Net.Earth, in the town of Net.varez, Net.xico, where the Los Bastardos team was formed.

APPEARANCE: Spite Grrrl is a young woman who looks a lot like Sandra Bullock, except for the fact that she has colored her hair deep purple. She is most often seen wearing a small shirt, cutoff jeans, and army boots. She also has one of those nifty earrings that the Bajorans wear in Star Trek, that she got at a convention. She also likes to carry lots of large guns, that vary according to need.

STATUS: Member of Los Bastardos; Member of LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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