NAME: Innovative-Offense Boy

ALTER EGO: "Mack" Guyver


CREATED BY: uplink

PRIMARY WRITER: Jeff McCoskey, Martin Phipps

POWERS: Respectable hand-to-hand skills, a tactical genius and able to form weapons from items on hand.

PERSONALITY: Cannot speak without profane embellishments (of comic book kind -- ($!^#($*!&#%) Serious about crime fighting, not above using his superior plotting powers to get what he wants. In love with Ordinary Lady.

HISTORY: Not much until Looniverse Adrift! where he acted as LNH Secretary of Defense. Fell for Ordinary Lady, who later rather inconveniently recalled her feelings for Ultimate Ninja. He mounted a devious plot to win her from him, which seems to have worked. Made enemies with Invisible Incendiary during this episode, who haunts his dreams.

APPEARANCE: Blonde and stocky, leather vest with myriad household items he can turn to weapons. Black and gold tights.

STATUS: Member of the LNH



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