NAME: Ordinary Lady

ALTER EGO: Unknown


PRIMARY WRITER: Martin, Jeff McCoskey

POWERS: Photographic reflexes, which have led to nimbo skills via her fascination with Ultimate Ninja. Second only to UN himself in hand-to-hand combat.

PERSONALITY: Strong in everything but matters of the heart. Has strong feelings for Innovative-Offense Boy (not seeming to be put off by his speech impediment) and very loyal to him.

HISTORY: Started her career with the Good Guys (TM). Joined the LNH to chase Ultimate Ninja. UN's continual rejection and I-O Boy's pursuit of her after Looniverse Adrift! eventually landed her in his arms. She does not know the whole truth about I-O Boy's scheme to win her.

APPEARANCE: Nimbo like you see on the cover of "Big Nimbo" Magazine.

STATUS: Member of the LNH, former member of the Good Guys, romantically involved with Innovative-Offense Boy



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