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  1. ZedneWeb 2013

    After ten years, it’s time for a new content manager here at ZedneWeb. And after 12½ years, it’s time for a new look. You’ll probably never experience the former, and you can already see the latter, but here’s a blog post about it anyway. (2013-06-06)

  2. Stop helping me!

    When I tried to enter that last post, it crashed my content manager. Turns out, my ancient code was using the wrong kind of string substitution, one which “helpfully” interprets the replacement string. Works fine until you try to post an entry containing the text \g. (2013-05-27)

  3. So it’s been a decade

    This year marks the tenth anniversary of ZedneWeb. Yeah, I’m surprised, too. (2006-01-22)

  4. Freshness-dating ZedneWeb

    A neat little extra (well, I think it’s neat): ZedneWeb entries now indicate how long ago they were posted. (2003-10-21)

  5. ZedneWeb’s new content manager

    A look at what’s new in ZedneWeb’s backend code: Mostly a lot of stuff that doesn’t affect you. (2003-06-17)

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