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Unfinished Works

Welcome to the back room, the secret workshop where the stuff that isn't quite ready for release sits... and sits... occasionally for years before anything ever happens to it (if ever).

Before creating the Projects page, I didn't normally release incomplete material, so this was a rare chance to glimpse some future works of mine while they were still ripening, as well as some other stuff that will probably never be released.

Why do it? Well, my hope was that giving myself a deadline (Dec 13) by which I had to post something, ready or not, I would spur myself into a flurry of action. Instead, I got horribly ill, but my creative juices have started flowing again, and there's nothing wrong with that. Except the speed, of course.

So, until I actually complete something, here's a sneak preview.


This is the descendent of the original Superguy series that Starcruiser Anonymous was based on, but I mention that only for historical reasons, as it bears little resemblence. It's a tale of a young girl who is working for her uncle in the mob and isn't too thrilled about it--especially when she thwarts a crime and he suggests a new line of work.

This actually is a completed episode, I'm just not completely satisfied with it. For example, I don't like the main character's name. I recently got some inspiration dealing with this series which will force some major rearrangement of this episode, particularly the ending. Hopefully, I'll get the time and energy to work on it.


This is something I originally wrote in a car ride through the Smokey Mountains, believe it or not. It's pretty silly, and very short, and will probably never be completed because I have no idea where it was going.

The title is another of my Random Greek Letter Working Titles. Natch.


I've mentioned Star Trek: The Last Generation at least once on ZedneWeb before, but I've never posted it because little of it is in a format easily converted to text. Plus, my friends and I started writing the series way back in 1988 when we were all between nine and twelve years old. (Read: the old stuff is rather unsophisticated.)

In the following years, we made two or three great efforts to re-write the old material and add on to it new stuff, in my case switching from radio-style scripts that could be recorded on audio tape (the original works were performed) to a more visual, tv-like style of scripting. By the time I started doing Sfstory, I had pretty much left the stuff behind--or so I thought. This came to me one morning in college, and I just had to get it down. It's more subtle than the typical Last Generation episode (if you can believe it), but it still gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling.

The character names are the big remnant of the original 1988 series, as you might have guessed. We also freely mixed characters from the two series (this was before Deep Space 9 and Voyager), which is unusual for Star Trek spoofs (it's too bizarre to be a parody). I don't know if I'll ever work more on this, but my muse may surprise me. It has before.

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Created 13 December 1999