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Jonatan Streith

Well, it’s hard to say what was the great fascination that drew us to Do-Gooders in the first place. It might have been the intricate world that it was set in; there were few limits to it, all manner of sources could (and did) influence it; the Sailor Moon theme, the X theme, the Chtulhu theme, and several others, including some we came up with on our own. It was a ripe world where we could develop as we pleased. And we did.

That was, of course, before we realized how extremely complex the plot had become. More than a hundred characters fought for positions in the cast, and stagnant plot threads lay everywhere. Many faithful readers quit the story, since it had become far too complex to follow easily, leaving behind a small core of faithful. (Pardon my drama, I can’t help it)

It was a sad feeling to decide its end; few fanfics have matched this in complexity, soul, and spirit, and few ever will. I don’t hesitate to say that some of my greatest moments of pleasure had come from writing for this story. Also, many of the social contacts I’ve made would never have been had I not signed up that fateful day… and if I may brag a bit, many others might not have met each other, either. It’s been an experience in its own right, to follow a story in its making like this.

But all things must come to an end, and never must we forget that. Do-Gooders has ended… now, we must move on.

Jonatan Streith
10 April 2000