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The Do-Gooders Memorial

Do-Gooders was one of the earlier improvisational stories hosted by Improfanfic. It told the tale of three high-school students in a garage band who adopted the name “Do-Gooders” and promptly found themselves battling a dizzying array of villains, extra-dimensional invaders, otherworldly beings of evil, corrupted childrens programming characters, and others.

So vast and complicated did the plot become that many authors and readers turned away, unwilling or unable to keep track of the dozens of named characters and their increasingly intricate relationships. Others—me, for example—stayed on with an occasionally grim determination to see it through. Would we be able to draw everything together? Could anything coherent be made of the divergent ideas tossed in by twenty-five different people? We didn’t know, but we wanted to find out.

Now we know. After sixty-one episodes, all has been revealed. (In the sense that nothing more will be revealed, the series being over and all.)

After the penultimate episode was posted, I sent out a call for reflection, asking readers, authors, and other interested parties to record their feelings about the late series and promising to post them once it completed. Here then are their thoughts, in the order I received them:

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Dave Menendez