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  1. Stop helping me!
    When I tried to enter that last post, it crashed my content manager. Turns out, my ancient code was using the wrong kind of string substitution, one which “helpfully” interprets the replacement string. Works fine until you try to post an entry containing the text \g. (2013-05-27)
  2. Free Applicative Functors in Haskell
    Can we find a way to make an applicative functor for any type constructor? It turns out, methods are already known, but I didn’t know that when I started, so I found my own way. One that turns out to have much better performance. (2013-05-27)
  3. Parameterized monads vs monads over indexed types
    Parameterized monads are a known way of extending the monadic interface. As an alternative, Conor McBride suggested using monads over indexed types. How do these approaches compare? (2012-07-29)
  4. Ronald C. Menendez, 1949–2010
    Ronald C. Menendez, of Chatham, New Jersey, passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening, August 11, 2010. (2010-08-17)
  5. So that was 2008
    What a year this has been. Despite the silence at ZedneWeb, America elected a new president and I got a new niece. (2008-12-31)
  6. The Bechdel test
    The Bechdel test reveals some of the hidden sexism in movies, books, and television, but the point isn’t to praise or condemn individual works. (2008-08-02)
  7. This week’s haul
    Some brief thoughts about the comics I bought this week. (2008-07-05)
  8. Dresden Codak: “Epilogue” and “Hob”
    A curious connection between Dresden Codak’s current storyline and one of its earlier, self-contained episodes. (2008-07-02)

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