Sfstory (also written SFStory, SfStory, or SFSTORY) began on January 17, 1987, as a mailing list for writing science fiction. It eventually became a bizzare, occasionally surreal tale involving spam, Satan, Automatic Beet-Peeler/Subatomic Re-Integrators (ABPSARIs), and a host of other things. It's really hard to describe. We weren't even around at the time; we only know what we've read in the archives. Anyway, after two great periods of activity, Sfstory started to die out. Fortunately, several Sfstory Authors were also writing for Superguy and they decided to resurrect Sfstory as a subtopic on the Superguy Mailing List.

As far as we know, this is as close as Sfstory gets to a web page. However, because Sfstory predates Superguy by over two years, it has its own archives, which contain the entire "vast, strange tapestry" -- to quote the Swede, author of the long-running Renegade Anarchists storylines and Keeper of the Archives.

As of this writing, the only active storyline in Sfstory is Starcruiser Anonymous, which just happens to be the one we write. Go figure.

(Yes, it's a short page. We hope to expand it soon.)

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