Netfic, also called net.fiction, or simply "fiction distributed over the internet", is one of the many positive results of widespread internet access. Since anyone on the 'net can generate content (and yes, it has occurred to us how odd that phrase is), people can send out stories without having to go through editors, publishers, spell-checkers, and so forth. It isn't always pretty. However, there are several megabytes of Good Stuff lying around, waiting to be read.

The question, then, is where to find it. As you may have guessed, we know of some places where you'll find lots of stuff. The good people at the Eyrie also know of a few places, and they've got a list of shared universes available for perusing.

For more information that what's given here, check out the list of important netfic-related sites.

The Superguy Mailing List

Created in 1989, Superguy was originally a place to write superhero parody. Since then, it's expanded quite a bit. Currently, it contains several subtopics, each of which has at least one alternate universe ('altiverse') associated with it. (This allows Superguy and Sfstory to have completely separate backhistories and still do crossovers, for example.)

There are a few other subtopics active today, but for the most part they defy description (the Author's Altiverse) or are mostly unconnected series (Round Robin, Metaworld).


Usenet's comic shop. Here you will find original comic-related fiction by several authors. (It is not a place to discuss "creative comics", nor is it a place to post stories involving characters you don't own.) Like all comic shops, it contains series from several different imprints, such as...

...and several others with which I'm less familiar.


There are others, of course. Eventually, we may even write about them!

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