The Legion of Net.Heroes

Like, Superguy, the Legion of Net.Heroes (or LNH, as it's more commonly called) is a superhero parody universe. It started on the now-defunct newsgroup rec.arts.comics, eventually moving to alt.comics.lnh, later becoming one of the universes avaliable on rec.arts.comics.creative.

As both the LNH and Superguy are parody universes, you may be wondering how they differ. The main difference is that Superguy tends to be a parody of superheroes, while the LNH is a parody of comic books. As such, the LNH universe, the Looniverse, is swamped with evil plots, time travel, threats to the nature of reality, seemingly random changes in past continuity (often the result of the previous three), etc.

(We will be expanding this page sometime before the heat death of the sun. Really. We promise.)

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