Starcruiser Anonymous

"And so a new era of peace began. It would be about as long-lived as the previous ones...." -- Kasak Llan

Formed from the fusion of two older nations, the Zakavian Empire quickly spreads its influence, overrunning the peaceful planet Arorua. Yet all is not happy in this new Empire, and one of its leaders plots against the Emperor -- sending those loyal to the Emperor on a mission to investigate an unknown star system called Sol. On arriving, they discover an immense starship piloted by an unknown (to the Zakavians, at any rate) race called "Terrans", decide they pose a threat to the Empire, and capture a few to bring back as evidence.

On Arorua, the leader of the Zakavian military, in attempt to stop the reductions in her forces, suggests to certain Aroruans that a little revolution isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Meanwhile, a student of Interstellar University returns home for what promises to be a boring semester break.

Then it starts to get complicated.

My first tale within Sfstory, Starcruiser Anonymous features a bewildering array of subplots and more characters than your average Russian novel. Of course, this is fairly normal for Sfstory. For those unfamiliar with established Sfstory continuity: don't worry. While I do make occasional references to what's come before, they aren't cruicial to the plot.

A complete (as of Episode 11) cast list is also available. It contains no spoilers.

Note: these are not HTML files, but rather 80-column text files (76-column, actually).

When this story finally winds down (I have almost no idea when that might be), I intend to collect all the episodes in to one monster file, and then compress that, but until then, you must read each one individually.

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