The ZedneWeb Library

Welcome, brave soul, to the ZedneWeb Library. From here you can read my Sfstory series, as well as some other stuff I've done. Comments and such are always welcome. Really. I don't bite.

Sfstory Plot Arcs

When Starcruiser Anonymous finishes, there will be other storylines. (I have plans for at least three, most of which I can't describe yet as they would spoil various events that will happen later in the current storyline.) I also have some plans for some Superguy series, which I'll start at some point -- but not until SA is complete. Of course, when they start, they'll be listed here.

Other Stuff

These are HTML files, which goes to show you how much I can get done when I'm bored, as they weren't HTML to begin with. The first is rather depressing, and the last are just confusing (but funny). Why put them up? When I first set up a web site, I knew I'd have a library eventually, but I didn't have anything at the time. So I converted these.

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