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Hello, and Welcome to ZedneWeb. I'm sure you have many questions, one of which may be "What the heck does 'ZedneWeb' mean, anyway?" Or, "Why aren't there any cool pictures or backgrounds or annoying blinking text that Netscape created as part of some deal with the forces of Darkness?"

Well, at some point I'd love to be able to answer these questions, but at the moment, all I've got as far as content are some links to some sights I like. I know, you spend all this time getting here, and now you have to leave. Well, soon there may be something to see, but until then there are the links. So, without (much) further ado, I present The List of Links.


I am not a big TV watcher. While it is true that I watch more TV than many people, particularly those in the 19th century, I feel that I watch less than many people. A possible cause of that is that I only really watch one show with any regularity. That show is The Simpsons.

The Archives.
This is a really impressive collection of information gathered by the good people of alt.tv.simpsons (ats). It contains guides, lists, info about upcoming episodes, tons of links, and (most impressive of all) episode capsules that include transcripts and commentary.
The LISA (List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers)
This is the FAQ list created by the good people of ats (at least as far as I know). It too is an impressive amount of information, and it answers the more common Simpsons questions. (As is its purpose. Kinda makes sense, huh?)
This is the offical site set up by FOX to promote the cliffhanger between seasons six and seven. However that was a while ago, and I think everyone knows who did it by now. I include it mostly because the list would be incomplete without it.

I do watch shows other than The Simpsons (it's true; I have documents). One such show is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I really only have records for one MST3K link, but that's all right, since the maintainers of the Deus Ex Machina site claim it has links to just about everywhere in the MST3K web. I have no real reason to doubt them (yet).


I read a lot. Less now than before college, but that's life, I suppose. One possible reason for my drop in reading is that I'm in the middle of an excellent series of books known as The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan. The catch is that the next book hasn't been released yet, and won't be out until April (assuming nothing wierd happens over at Tor in the near future). The series, usually abbreviated WoT, attracted so many fans that they flooded the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written (rasfw) every time a new book was released. This lead to friction between the Jordan and non-Jordan fans, so they ended up creating rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan (rasfwrj), so far the only subgroup in the rasfw heirarchy. (You may ask: what are my contributions to Robert Jordan fandom. Well, I got my mother hooked...) Many frequent posters have set up pages. I list a few below.

The Archives
This collects almost everything related to Jordan and/or rasfwrj. It contains quite a bit of stuff. Most impressive is the WoT FAQ, which contains far mor information than you would think. It also contains some fun humor sections.
Compleat Index of WoT-related WWW resources
What isn't contained in the Archives can almost certainly be found in a link from this site. It simply boggles the mind. Well, my mind, at any rate.


I had considered labelling this section "Computers", but I changed my mind after a few seconds of thought. As you may have guessed, I am a fan of the Macintosh series of personal computers made by Apple Computer, Inc. (For the record, I am not a fan of the Apple II series.)


One of the great things about internet access (or even access to AOL/CompuServe/etc.) is the shareware. I won't bother to explain shareware here, except to endorse it as a system. One of the nicer shareware companies is Ambrosia Software, makers of such great video games as Maelstrom, Swoop, and Aperion. They also make some useful utilities, which tend to be less memory intensive then their commercial competitors (I refer specifically to their screen saver, Eclipse). They also have a fun sense of humor, check out back issues of The Ambrosia Times for some interesting reading. Not content just to make great software, once they got their website up and running, they decided it would be a waste to just reserve it for themselves, so they created The Ambrosia Café, to serve as a centeral location for useful Mac-related things. There are two eZines last time I checked, and the comp.sys.mac.games.action FAQ.


Another nice aspect of Mac-hood is Marathon, a video game from Bungie. Marathon is quite popular (check out alt.games.marathon if you doubt me) for a number of reasons.

  1. It was the first texture-mapped, non-orthagonal, first-person perspective video game on the Mac market (MacDOOM would not be released until much later).
  2. It was networkable between 8 people, with a fairly simple setup.
  3. It was violent.
  4. It had an involved plotline which was slowly revealed to the player during play, combined with a few challenging puzzles.
  5. It was customizable, to the point of changing laws of physics. ("So you want gravity to go up? No problem.")

No doubt some of those reasons were more compelling than others, and it varies from person to person, but you get the drift. I particularly enjoy the plotline myself. I think Marathon's major disadvantage was that people confused it with DOOM, so some were dissapointed by Marathon's lower bloodiness level, while others didn't touch it because they thought it was a mindless shoot-em-up. Oh well.

Marathon Central
Almost everything you could want, from Marathon or Marathon 2, can eventually be found from this site.
Marathon Hyperarchive Northwest
Tired of FTPing files without knowing what they are? This website contains lots of Marathon-related files, clearly organized, labled, and rated. Find out what you're downloading before you do it.
Marathon Plotline ( Original )
From these sites (the orginal site is slower from the US) you can learn about Marathon's storyline. It contains complete transcripts of the two games, and several pages of analysis. (I haven't visited recently because I don't have Marathon 2, and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but that's what was there last time I checked.)


Almost done here, just thought I should include these suckers.

The Unitarian Church in Summit (Unitarian Universalist)
This is my church's website. Ever wonder what a Unitarian Universalist is? Well, now you can find out. You can also read sermons by our minister(s). They're working on some other stuff, too.
The PSU Home Page
They're educating me, and paying for the equipment this page is stored on. I think my reasons for including this link are obvious.
The Dilbert Zone
Ah, Dilbert. This site contains a two-week archive of recent strips. It also has a store for merchandising. And a bunch of other wierd stuff.
The Truly Astrid Home Page
This is run by a former classmate of mine. It's a bit more flamboyant than my humble page. Whatever.

This concludes my List of Links. Drive Safely.

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