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So that was 2008

By Dave Menendez
Wednesday, December 31, 2008, at 5:49 PM

Summary: What a year this has been. Despite the silence at ZedneWeb, America elected a new president and I got a new niece.

What a year this has been. Admittedly, it hasn't been a particularly prolific year on my part—although my Twitter account has seen more activity—but this post brings the year’s total to five, which is a 25% improvement over last year. Maybe I really should do that episode-by-episode commentary on Starcruiser Anonymous I’ve been thinking about. That’s twenty-six posts right there.

Thinking about the past year, two events stick out in my mind. The first is the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. You probably don’t need me to explain why that’s important. Aside from the historic nature of the first black president, I’m hoping for an end to the lawlessness and corruption of the Bush administration. I don’t expect Obama to wave a wand and get our troops out of Iraq, but I hope we’re near the end of torture as government policy and the legal black hole of Guantánamo Bay. (I’m less hopeful that Obama will repudiate Bush’s illegal wiretapping, much less prosecute anyone for war crimes, but you never know.)

The other event is the birth of my niece, Hannah Marie Schell, back in May. I’m not really a baby person, but Hannah and I get along just fine. I’ll hopefully have more to say about her as she gets older and starts talking, but for now I’m content to exchange smiles.

Here’s hoping 2009 brings good fortune.