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Dresden Codak: “Epilogue” and “Hob”

By Dave Menendez
Wednesday, July 2, 2008, at 1:17 AM

Summary: A curious connection between Dresden Codak’s current storyline and one of its earlier, self-contained episodes.

Dresden Codak didn’t have an on-going story when it started. The first twenty pages are all self-contained vignettes, with a few recurring characters. Kimiko, for example, first appears on page seven. The next twenty-three pages (so far) are part of a continuing story called “Hob”, which involves Kimiko, the Tokamak twins, and some time-travellers from an alternate future.

A few months ago, probably after “Hob” #19, I noticed a possible connection to “Epilogue”, one of the earlier, one-shot stories. In that story (page? issue?), Kimiko notices that objects from her past evoke old memories, theorizes that the memories are stored in the objects themselves, and invents a machine to summon an object from her future to see whether it evokes memories of events that haven’t happened yet.

If you haven’t already, go read “Epilogue”. Notice how the left side of Kimiko’s face and her left arm are cybernetic. Compare with the injuries Kimiko suffers in “Hob” #19. Foreshadowing? Coincidence? A little of both?