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Cold fusion research showing promise?

By Dave Menendez
Friday, September 10, 2004, at 7:20 PM

Summary: Turns out that the cranks studying cold fusion include the U.S. Navy—and they think they may be on to something.

IEEE Spectrum: “Cold Fusion Back From the Dead”. It turns out that U.S. Navy researchers have been studying cold fusion since the original announcements by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. More surprisingly, reasonable hypotheses are being put forward to explain why the Pons-Fleischmann effect has been so hard to reproduce and what, precisely, is going on.

I remain skeptical, but I’ll note that a lot of the stigma surrounding cold fusion comes from the behavior of Mr Pons and Mr Fleishmann when their results were questioned. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that something is going on, whether fusion or not. According to the article, some experiments have yielded 250% of the input energy, which is better than any of the traditional fusion experiments can say. (via Andrew Newman)