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Posts from September, 2004

  1. Guantánamo on the Hudson

    Tom Tomorrow passes on a first-person account of the treatment of New York City protestors from a woman who got arrested and held for 49 hours, despite not actually being a protestor. Now I can understand why the police netted her (literally!), but it’s hard to justify what happened to her, her friend, and the actual protestors. (Updated 2004-09-06) (2004-09-05)

  2. Language-spotting

    How well can you identify languages by looking at them? (2004-09-08)

  3. Cold fusion research showing promise?

    Turns out that the cranks studying cold fusion include the U.S. Navy—and they think they may be on to something. (2004-09-10)

  4. Spam-inspired comedy

    The website that promises “Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines”—and delivers. (2004-09-17)