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Posts from August, 2004

  1. July 4: The Empire Strikes Back?

    Imperial Stormtroopers parade through Ohio. Cool, sure, but weren’t they the bad guys? (2004-08-04)

  2. Clifford Pickover’s ESP experiment

    It’s eerie, man. (2004-08-04)

  3. New TDL 3 draft and schema

    I’ve posted a new draft of the TDL 3 specification and new OWL DL schemas for TDL 1–3 in RDF/XML and Turtle. (2004-08-29)

  4. Syntax highlighting for Haskell in BBEdit 8.0

    I’ve put together a Codeless Language Module for BBEdit 8.0 that implements basic syntax highlighting for Haskell. (2004-08-31)