Wonderfalls cancelled

By Dave Menendez
Sunday, April 4, 2004, at 12:55 AM

Summary: Four episodes and it’s gone. It’s like they aren’t even trying. [Update: More words from Mr Minear]

Tim Minear himself gives us the bad news, in a message dated April 3:

Well, not sure what to tell ya’ll—but we’re cancelled. Effective at once. The cow creamer will be silent this Thursday and forever forward. Once we recover from the not-shock, Todd, Bryan and I will see if there’s some venue in which to air the remaining episodes.

Well…, damn. That didn’t last long. (Four episodes shown thus far: three on Fridays evenings, when even I’m not around to watch, and another bumped to Thursday late enough that none of our listings showed it as changed.)

I remember reading the various raves for Wonderfalls, which all went along the lines of, “This is a great show that Fox will almost certainly cancel,” and hoping they were just being pessimistic. Even if Fox killed Futurama and Firefly and The Tick (live action) and Andy Richter Controls the Universe, did that mean Wonderfalls had no chance?

I guess so. And since they’ve only aired four episodes, a DVD release seems unlikely—even though the first thirteen episodes have already been produced. Thanks, Fox, for once again showing that great TV is possible, but doomed anyway.

Via Whedonesque.

In some later comments, Mr Minear goes into more details about why the cancellation didn’t exactly shock him.

Even as we were finding our footing and delivering to them some really exceptional episodes (ones you never got to see!), things got chilly. Then they couldn’t seem to find any place on the schedule for us. Then they did… and it was Friday night. I tell you now, the moment that was announced, I knew it was over. They were dumping us into Friday nights and that was that.

So what does that leave me?

In no particular order:

Buffy’s gone, of course. I gave up on 24 back when it turned out the entire bioterrorist threat was an elaborate ruse on the part of the good guys. I guess I could list Saturday Night Live, but there’s a new episode of that on right now (hosted by Donald Trump) and I’m writing this instead of watching it.

Any recommendations? I keep hearing good things about Alias, but I’ve never gotten around to seeing it.