It’s dangerous to go alone

Posts from February, 2004

  1. TDL 3: partial draft specification available

    The first (incomplete) draft of TDL 3 is up, using a spiffy auto-generated format that I’m not entirely happy with. (2004-02-01)

  2. Overestimating Howard Dean

    Clay Shirky’s Howard Dean post-mortem asks a valuable question: Why did we think his chances were so good in the first place? (2004-02-03)

  3. The Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom

    Flash auteur Phantasmagoria tells the tragic story of King Bowser’s invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario’s struggle to free the land and rescue the Princess—using sprites from the original games. It’s all very silly, yet there’s something awe-inspiring about the waves of Koopa Paratroopas closing in on the castle, and Bowser has never seemed so threatening. Totally worth seeing. (2004-02-26)