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Posts from November, 2003

  1. In Brief

    Poorly-written chronicles of armageddon. Real-world tomacco. Public radio less popular than jousting? Can TV shows be art? (2003-11-10)

  2. Textual kudzu

    Spammers are starting to attack weblog commenting systems, and some are preparing to fight back. Do they know what they’re in for? Have they learned from the past? Is there anything we can do in a larger sense? (2003-11-15)

  3. In brief: Myths and illusions

    The elaborate mythology of Miami’s homeless children, a guide to locating hidden cameras, Wal-Mart’s troubling hegemony, two intellectual smackdowns, and some amazing optical illusions. (2003-11-16)

  4. Roy Moore, idolator

    The irony about making such a big deal over a statue depicting the Ten Commandments is that it risks violating the Second. (2003-11-18)

  5. In brief: Buffy and the Republican Machine

    Buffy’s lessons for Catholic feminists, Republican dominance of Washington’s lobbyists, the nature of the Dean campaign. (2003-11-18)

  6. TDL 3 progress update

    A brief tour of the simplified upcoming version of the Thread Description Language. (2003-11-19)